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MUCKY MERCH is a clothing brand created by SpookaSonic in 2019. Spooka was always using the word Mucky at shows and radio sets and it felt natrual and organic to merge the words with clothing.

Music, Unites n Contributes to the Knowledge from yesterday ( MUCKY )

originally Spooka was the only one wearing the clothes at video shoots etc and then people wanted to know more about the brand within the DnB scene and Beyond. 

Once people started to see Spooka wearing the Merch all the time it started a knock on effect where artists and ravers alike wanted to wear the Merch also. it started with just T shirts and Hoodies however it escalated into much more items as the brand grew from 2019 till now. 

subscribers will get to access the Merch before anyone else.


Anthony johnson aka SpooakSonic has always loved music from early age and was introduced to  jungle Drum N Bass at age 12 . He automatically fell in love with the sound and wanted to MC at raves.


Once Spooka was aged 16/17 he got into music workshops where he met the likes of Harry Shotta and others. This gave spooka more confidence to pursue hes dream.


Around this time spooka started going to raves and then it was even more apparent that this what he wanted to do. At age 19 (2005) spooka had landed a spot on the 1xtra Mc Sessions  show that was run by L double , that was where he met EksMan, 

Jake's and Dynamite. 


This opened up doors for Spooka and he started to get bookings with the likes of Breakology, innovation, LowDownDeep and more. Between 2007/2008 Spooka was teaching music workshops and was approached by a scout for a channel 4 film (Exodus) which spooka auditioned for and won one of the lead roles.


Over the years spooka continued to record mixtapes and albums landing the number 1 most requested tune on channel aka with the tune (History) in 2013/14. 

Spooka has continued to release music and perform at shows all over the UK and beyond. in 2022 Spooka created Da SeaSide Shellery which is he's own event which showcases artists songs as well as live sets.

the brand is growing rapidly and we are glad your on the journey with us.

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